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The Sidekick

The Sidekick

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Introducing the The Sidekick - the ultimate sidekick to the Maverick Mold, for resin woodworkers who are ready to let their creativity run wild. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out in the world of resin woodworking, this tool has everything you need to turn your wildest ideas into reality.

Work smarter, not harder, the The Sidekick is for humans passionate about sustainability and upcycling, and are looking for a way to give new life to wood that would otherwise be used as firewood. With a range of innovative accessories, the The Sidekick has everything you need to turn rough, discarded wood into functional, impressive Charcuterie Boards that will last for years to come.

So don't hold back - let your creativity roam free with the The Sidekick Mold. With this powerful tool at your side, you'll be able to turn your wildest woodworking dreams into a reality.

 The Sidekick - Internal dimensions 600mm x 300mm x 50mm

 A portion of every purchase from ResinBuddy Store helps plant trees with @reforestnow_australia

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Your ResinBuddy Mold is built with:

  • Presision CNC cut, specialist mix of plastics that resin doesn't adhere to!
  • Aluminium T-Tracks
  • T-Track hardware (knobs & bolts)
  • Tube of waterproof silicone
  • Custom made Clamping Brackets
  • Built in Levelling Feet
  • Built in Surface Level
  • Extra blocks for securing the clamps to your board
  • Easy release latches on each end panel
  • Threaded inserts for easy disassembly of the entire mold if needed.


  • Place your ResinBuddy Mold on a table, put the clamping bracket with the inbuilt level inside your mold and adjust the feet to ensure a level surface

  • Pour and clamp, all features provided including extra blocks to secure your wood underneath the clamping brackets (avoid your wood floating while resin cures)

  • Once your pour is complete and cured, simply unclip and unscrew either one or both ends

  • Remove your board by sliding a chisel or paint scraper between the board and mold and leveraging and popping it out.

  • Peel off the old silicone from the end you have removed only, reseal with the silicone provided (or any waterproof silicone) and place the end panels back on. Your mold will be ready to use in a few hours once the silicone is cured.


Free Shipping Australia wide except NT ( Contact us for shipping rates to NT)



These molds are designed to make setting up and resetting for your next pour as quick and efficient as possible to minimise waste and save time. It is not intended to produce a finished product. All blanks will need to be cut and sanded after removing from the ResinBuddy mold.

There can/will be minor manufacturing marks/scratches on the surface of the plastic. These marks will be seen on your resin blank but will be planed and/or sanded when finishing your final product.