Casting Buddy

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All in one reusable resin mold for casting objects.

200mm x 200mm x 70mm internal dimensions.

These reusable molds are designed in Melbourne and machine cut from a specialist mix of plastics, epoxy resin does not adhere to this material therefore eliminates the need for taping or release spray.

Each ResinBuddy comes assembled and sealed ready for your first pour. Once your pour is complete and cured simply unscrew the panels and remove your creation with a chisel or paint scraper (something to wedge in between).  Peel off the old silicone from each panel, reseal with the silicone provided (or any waterproof silicone) and place the panels back on. Ready to use in a few hours once the silicone is cured.


These molds are designed to make setting up and resetting for your next pour as quick and efficient as possible to minimise waste and save time. It is not intended to produce a finished product. All blanks will need to be cut and sanded after removing from the ResinBuddy mold.

There can/will be minor manufacturing marks/scratches on the surface of the HDPE. These marks will be seen on your resin blank but will be planed and/or sanded when finishing your final product. 

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Casting Buddy
Casting Buddy
Casting Buddy