No more mess. No more fiddling around. Just a clean, crisp blank canvas to unleash your creativity upon. All-in-one, Australian-made reusable resin river table molds that will take your craftsmanship as well as your inspiration to the next level.

  • What Jason Says....

    "If you are like me and interested in making resin boards, but hit the problem of how to make a jig. Problem solved ... resin buddy have taken all the guess work out of that problem. At first when I looked into buy one I was taken back by the price thinking “oh god that’s alot” but I can honestly say after buying and using it, it was worth every cent, don’t hesitate. This jig can be used by the inexperienced to experienced. The quick release design made it so easy to use and get the board out once it set. They are quick to respond if you send them a message and easy to deal with"

    Jason Roberts

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